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Black Bear Performance

1996-1997 Chevrolet Suburban 5.7L and 7.4L Custom Tuning

1996-1997 Chevrolet Suburban 5.7L and 7.4L Custom Tuning

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Tune Service
Tune Installation Option (Scan cable and Traditional tune ONLY)

Black Bear Performance offers our traditional custom tuning service for your 1996-1997 Chevrolet Suburban 5.7L and 7.4L.

Gains vary widely based on engine size but can vary from 15-20hp on a 5.7L up to 30-35hp on a 7.4L.  From bone stock to heavily modified, we can help your engine perform as optimally as possible.

Other improvements range from improved idle smoothness to better shift performance, improved towing, improved throttle response and improved mileage in many cases.

Additional service offerings include:

  • Speed and Rev Limiter Increase
  • Torque Management Modification/Removal
  • Tire/Gear Change Calibration
  • Accommodation of Most Modifications (Internal engine modifications, superchargers, turbochargers*, upgraded transmissions, etc).
*Due to variability in turbocharger systems, they must be evaluated by our tuner prior to committing to any services.  Additional tuning service/hardware may be required.


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Traditional Tune

Our traditional tune is our custom mail-order tune that does not involve data-logging.  The tune will be built off of our past experience with similarly equipped vehicles. The tune will provide horsepower and torque increases, improved throttle response and shifting, and overall driveability. 

Contact us for an estimated range of gains for your vehicle type.