About Us

In 2005, Black Bear Performance was started with a simple mission: to provide GM owners with the maximum performance and enjoyment out of their vehicles.

Who We Are

The owner and tuner at Black Bear Performance grew up with GM vehicles and always enjoyed doing his own work on them. By the early 2000s, he just felt like there was something missing with his Silverado. He wanted more power, smoother shift patterns, quicker response, and improved drivability. After working closely with EFI University to gain a solid foundation in tuning, he was introduced to the EFILive software and started getting to work. After daily adjustments, evaluating the effects of changes to nearly every table and parameter, he had his truck running like never before. The difference in performance was astonishing and left him with a very solid understanding of how everything related. He began offering to help friends with his tuning skills and achieved the same successful results.

This brings us to you. In just a few short years, his tuning hobby turned into a mission. He wanted to provide all GM owners with maximum performance and power, improved shifting and throttle response, and enhanced drivability. Black Bear Performance had grown.

What We Do

We provide high-performance tuning on GM vehicles. What is performance tuning? If you are a GM owner, you most likely have noticed that your vehicle lacks acceleration and throttle response, the shift points and shift patterns are poor, not enough torque to tow effectively, and insufficient overall power. We use EFILive tuning software to reprogram the vehicle’s engine and transmission computers to provide an increase in horsepower and torque, greatly improve the shifting, and enhance the throttle response so the vehicle is no longer confused when you step on the pedal and the acceleration is there when needed.

Depending on the year of your GM vehicle, we have three tune products that provide these results. We specialize in bone stock to heavily modified 1996-2019 Classic GM cars and trucks, forced induction tuning packages (supercharger and turbo setups), engine swap tuning (late model and classic vehicles), email tuning and diagnostics, and in-person tuning at our office.

Where We Are

Since 2005, we have successfully tuned over 30,000 GM vehicles. In 2013, Black Bear Performance added a second team member to continue our journey to help GM owners get all the performance they can out of their vehicles. In 2017, Black Bear added our third member and have been going strong since then with our three-member team now based in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. If you have a GM vehicle from years 1996 to 2019 Classic style, join the other 30,000+ Black Bear tuned vehicles and get the performance out of your GM that you want and deserve. Contact us today!