2016 Yukon Cold Air Intake Test Results

2016 GMC Yukon Denali Intake Test Results

With many different models and styles of cold air intakes offered, we decided to put together a comparison test of a few of the more popular models that we've seen. This evaluation was performed without any expectation of results and no bias towards any particular model. No compensation was provided by any of the intake manufacturers; all were purchased at either wholesale or retail cost. In consideration of this, we do offer most of the intakes tested for sale as well as most others that were not included. Please Contact Us with any questions.

Test Vehicle: 2016 Yukon Denali 6.2L, completely stock
Test Fuel: 91 Octane
Intake Models:

  • AEM Brute Force - 21-8033DC - Buy Now
  • aFe Momentum GT - 54-74104 - Buy Now
  • Airaid MIT - 200-911 - Not Available
  • Airaid Full Intake - 203-111 - Discontinued
  • K&N Blackhawk - 71-3082 - Buy Now
  • Spectre - Not Available
  • Volant - 155546 - Buy Now

Test Process:

To attempt to ensure as accurate of a comparison as possible between each intake model, we utilized the same testing process for each model.

Each intake was installed according to the instructions provided and the amount of time taken for that installation was noted along with the addition of the time needed for the initial removal of the factory intake. Upon completion, each intake system was tested with the following process:

  1. Initial ambient temperature taken from the dyno operating room
  2. Initial intake air temperature was taken from the vehicle after the hood was closed and engine started
  3. Idle intake air temperature taken after sitting with hood closed for two minutes to observe heat soak
  4. Cruise temperature was taken after 1 minute of operation at approximately 15% throttle and 45mph to simulate road conditions.
  5. Full power measurements were then taken utilizing a 42mph to 91mph acceleration at a rate of 6mph/sec increase.
  6. Intake air temperature measurements were noted at the start of the run, at the lowest point during the run and then after the vehicle returned to idle.
  7. GM Factory tuning was utilized for all tests
And now, for the results.
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