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General Questions
  • Can I run 87 (or lower) octane with your tune?
  • I have a new truck with a 6 or 8 speed auto, what can you do for me?
  • I'm going to be purchasing a cold air intake and cat-back exhaust system soon. Should I have these installed before or after the tune?
  • What is the typical turnaround time?
  • If I send you the PCM/ECM out of my truck and you tune it, would I still have to do the re-learn?
  • I live in Canada. Do you ship here and if so, what is the process?
  • I've looked at the generic OBD tuners from SuperChip, Diablo, HyperTech, Edge, etc - how is your tune different?
  • Will I need to perform a Crank Relearn procedure with your tune?
  • How are your tunes installed?
  • Where is the PCM and how hard is it to switch out?
  • What if I take my truck in for service, should I remove the tune? How is this done?
  • Can you clean up the factory shifting?
  • What should I expect as far as performance/mpg difference?
  • Do you alter the sensitivity of the pedal on vehicles with electronically controlled throttles?
  • How does the tune affect the life of the engine/drivetrain? I plan on driving this thing for a long time...
  • How noticeable is the diff in a '87 oct tune' and a '89 oct tune'?
  • I'm planning on keeping my old core, but what if your tune does get flashed over? Do we start from scratch, or would you have my tune saved somewhere and I can just send you one of my cores to update? How much would you charge for that?
  • How much torque management do you typically remove? Is this what cleans up the shifts and increases responsiveness? How will this affect off-road driveability?
  • Can you change my tow/haul button to perform better?
  • Can your tunes correct my speedometer for oversize tires/aftermarket gears?
  • If I send in my computer(s), can I avoid the core charge?
Scan Cable Tune Questions
  • How does the scan cable tune work?
  • Is there a wait list for the scan cables?
  • Which tune is best for me? The scan cable, traditional or AutoCal tune?
  • Is a laptop required for your Scan Cable tune?
  • How long will I need to drive with the scan cable?
  • Will anything on the truck affect the info you get from the cable? I have a few maintenance items I need to address and don't want that to skew the data. Should I take care of this before the cable arrives?
  • I'm ready for a scan cable tune, how do we proceed?