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Calendar of Events

Black Bear Performance will be traveling to the following location(s) in the near future to provide custom tuning in-person. Details can be found by clicking into each event. Tuning will be available for 1998 to 2016 GM Cars and Trucks. If you are unsure if your vehicle applies, please Email Us for clarification.

Scheduling: Each event will be tentatively planned until 15 deposits have been received, ensuring that at least a large portion of all travel expenses will be covered. If the minimum number of deposits is not received by 30 days before the date, the meet is subject to cancellation and all deposits will be refunded. Time slots will be created and the trip will be scheduled during the last two to three weeks before the scheduled date. All depositees will be informed of available timeslots at that time.

Spare Computers: To purchase a spare computer or set of computers (depending on year), please see the link within each individual location below. The purpose of doing so would be to maintain your factory computer(s) in the event you ever want to return to stock. Computer(s) will need to be shipped prior to the scheduled date so that they may be installed and the security relink procedure may be performed prior to being tuned.

Refund Policy: Due to the large number of expenses involved with traveling, deposits can only be refunded if the trip is cancelled due to lack of interest or unexpected circumstances.

If you are interested in organizing a tuning event in your area or have any questions about the in-person tuning process, please contact us.

Please Note: If you have a 2007+ Silverado/Sierra with the Rocky Ridge appearance package, your ECM MAY be locked, preventing any tuning from being able to be completed. The ECM would need to be sent in to Rocky Ridge prior to the tune event to be unlocked.

Recurring Locations